1. How to Ease Anxiety in Medically Fragile Children

    We often think of anxiety as an “adult” problem. Between balancing work, your relationship, and taking care of yourself and your possessions, most adults learn to juggle multiple sources of anxiety because stressors are a natural part of life. However, children also experience anxiety, and on to…Read More

  2. Feeding Tube Myths, Debunked

    When the doctor first tells you that your child needs a feeding tube, it can be a very scary moment. No one anticipates their child having medical complexities that cause feeding issues, and to hear that your child isn’t able to get their nutritional needs met through eating by mouth is overwhelmi…Read More

  3. The Importance of Stress Management for Parents

    Parenting is stressful, but when your child has medical complexities, you face unique stressors that some other parents are not familiar with. In addition to the typical struggles that parents face, you also have added concern for the health and wellbeing of your child due to their condition. For so…Read More

  4. What You Need to Know About Seizures in Children

    If your child has been diagnosed with epilepsy, know that you’re not alone. Around 300,000 children under 14 have epilepsy in the United States. While for some children, seizures are either outgrown or controlled with medication after time, others struggle with this type of condition for their who…Read More

  5. How Wheelchair Accessible is Denver?

    Denver is a fun and fascinating city to spend time in for you and your child alike, but if your child uses a wheelchair, you might be concerned about how accessible it will be. Fortunately, Denver is very wheelchair-friendly, and there are many fun activities you and your child can do while spending…Read More

  6. How to Advocate for Your Medically Fragile Child

    When you hear the word “advocate,” you might think of or a protester crusading for their cause on the picket line. Having a medically fragile child isn’t too far off from championing for an issue on the ballot. Just as a protester is showing support for something they care about, when you have…Read More

  7. Organization Tips for Your Child’s Medical Supplies

    When your child has a chronic medical condition, you can often tell just by looking at your home. If you’re like many parents with medically fragile children, you are constantly getting shipments of medical supplies for your child. This means that you might be dealing with boxes all over your home…Read More

  8. Going on Vacation With a Medically Fragile Child

    Travel is one of the joys of life. When you travel, you can take a break from your daily routine, gain a new perspective, and recharge and refresh. However, for parents of medically fragile children, vacation can seem like a stressful, or even dangerous, endeavor. Fortunately, just because your chil…Read More

  9. Fun Physical Activities for Your Child With Cerebral Palsy

    When your child has a disability, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doubt. Even the most supportive parents have had moments when they didn’t believe in their child’s abilities. While your child may not be able to interact with the world the same way as other children, this doesn’t mean tha…Read More

  10. Self-Care Tips for Parents of Children With Special Needs

    When your child has special needs, you have no choice but to be strong. In the face of the unique challenges, you must soldier on for your family. Not only are your child’s needs different than kids who are perceived as “normal,” finding the resources you need for their care isn’t always eas…Read More