In-Home Healthcare Services in Northglenn

Your loved one has special needs, which means that much of your time is spent thinking about their care. There are the basics, such as ensuring that they are properly fed and that they are given love and attention, and then the more complicated matters, like working with healthcare professionals to make important decisions about their treatment. Between ferrying between medical appointments and trying to think of everything, it can be difficult to maintain balance in your life when you are the primary caregiver. You want to be sure to attend to every detail, but you also have other responsibilities in your life that can’t be neglected. While your loved one brings a lot of joy into your life, there are also many more things to consider, and this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and alone.

At Evergreen Home Healthcare, we want to reassure you that you aren’t alone. We work with many clients who feel the same way that you do, and are proud to provide much-needed help to people with special needs. Whether you are looking for adult or pediatric home health care in Northglenn, we have compassionate in-home health aides who can help.

What Does Home Healthcare Include?   

At Evergreen Home Healthcare, we understand that you are an individual. What works for you and your family doesn’t necessarily work for someone else, and vice versa. That’s why home healthcare will look a little different from home to home. We have a variety of healthcare professionals on staff who can attend to concerns of all kinds. For in-home medical care, we have a nursing staff that ranges in professional certification from CNAs to nurse practitioners, so we will surely have someone on staff who can help with your loved one’s care. In addition to medical care, there are many other needs to fill, which is why we hire many different types of healthcare professionals to meet different needs, including physical and occupational therapists and licensed clinical social workers. You can trust Evergreen to provide the care you need.

Regardless of your specific needs, we start at the same place: with a customized care plan. Maybe your loved one requires weekly visits from a physical therapist; perhaps they need round-the-clock, in-home care. By working with your primary care provider, we are able to find a level of care that works for you. In addition, we can provide home evaluations to help you see where you could adapt your home to best suit your loved one’s needs. Another service we provide is financial counseling. We understand that the cost of care can prove difficult for some families, which is why we can provide a financial assessment and connect you with Northglenn resources that may help ease your worries. Regardless of what questions you have about care, we will do everything we can to answer them. Our mission is to make things easier for your family while providing your loved one with the level of care they deserve.

Does My Loved One Need In-Home Health Care?

Sometimes, the answer to this question is apparent. If your loved one needs constant care yet wants to stay in the comfort of your home, in-home healthcare provides the perfect solution so they don’t have to be hospitalized long-term. Yet healthcare, like life, is not always this black-and-white. For example, if leaving the home for care offers some sort of benefit to your loved one, you may not need to hire a home health aide. If you aren’t sure what kind of care is best, we would be happy to help you determine your level of need. You may also consult the chart below to see whether or not our in-home healthcare services are appropriate for you.

In-home healthcare is an advantageous option for many. Your loved one deserves a high level of care, but you do not necessarily have the time or resources to provide this type of care yourself. When this is the case, professional help is a necessity. You and your family deserve convenient, effective, and compassionate care for you loved one, and in order to achieve this, it’s often best to bring that care to you. With our fully trained staff of nurses, we can offer many different medical services in your home, including medication management and administration, IV administration, wound care, ventilator care, pain management, and more. No longer does your loved one need to be hospitalized long-term, or be taken back and forth to receive the care they need; instead, they can receive what they need from the comfort of your home. In-home healthcare also means we can help you adapt your home to be more comfortable and secure, give you the information and resources you need for care, and help you figure out your financial requirements for care. Our aim is to ease the burden of care to ensure that you are able to spend quality, loving time with your family, rather than stressing about healthcare.

Pediatric In-Home Healthcare

When you discover that your child has special needs, it comes with challenges that many never face. Raising a child always requires patience and empathy, and this is especially true when your child has medical complexities or other special needs. Often, these children do not have the ability to communicate what they need, which can be overwhelming for the caregiver, who simply gives the child the world. It can be difficult to know how to care for special needs children under these circumstances. This is why an in-home pediatric nurse can provide an enormous relief for families. With our many years of experience and extensive training, our in-home health aides are compassionate, well-informed, and dedicated to providing the highest level of care to your child.

Long-Term Care

When your child needs long-term medical care, it can be overwhelming. You don’t want your child to be forced to be hospitalized for an extended period of time, but if they need round-the-clock care, it can be difficult to determine the best course of action. At Evergreen Home Healthcare, we are proud to offer pediatric home care services that make this decision simpler. Your child can stay at home with their family and familiar environment, where it is easier for them to rest, heal, and be open to the care they need. Our in-home pediatric care services make it so your child can spend less time in the hospital and more time where they really want to be, increasing their quality of life.


In addition to in-home nursing services, we are also able to offer a variety of different therapies that may be able to help your child. If your child is recovering from an injury or illness, instead of having to take them from appointment to appointment, you can have one of our experienced physical therapists come to provide rehabilitation in your home. For children with special needs, we also have occupational therapists and speech pathologists on staff to help with specific issues. Because your care plan is always customized, we have healthcare professionals on staff who can help with your child’s particular needs.


One of the struggles of caring for a child with special needs is figuring out how to make it work long-term. Especially when you first learn your child’s diagnosis, you may be taking it one day at a time. While this works temporarily, ultimately, it isn’t sufficient to wing it — you will need a plan. Because we have extensive experience with pediatric home care at Evergreen, we can help you. That’s why we have licensed clinical social workers on staff. These are the individuals who can help you determine what modifications need to be made to your home, as well as work with you to come up with your financial plan, connect with people in the Northglenn community, and prepare your family for your child’s ongoing needs at home.

Adult Home Healthcare

While there is some overlap in adult and pediatric home care, there are also unique considerations that need to be made, particularly in regards to seniors. One of the most important parts of caring for the elderly is showing respect for their journey. While they have spent the majority of their lives as independent adults, now they are put in a position where they must depend on others again as they did as children. What was once easy for them is now quite difficult. This can be frustrating and defeating, particularly for patients with dementia, who struggle with their cognition. When working with adults in a home healthcare setting, it is particularly important to be sensitive, which is why we always make sure that we hire only empathetic and patient individuals to provide home healthcare services to our clients.

Rehabilitative Care

As we age, recovering from injuries and illnesses becomes more stressful and requires a longer healing process. This can mean weeks of being hospitalized, which is both financially and emotionally stressful. This is where hiring an in-home health aide is a wise decision. If your loved one requires a physical therapist, Evergreen can send one to your Northglenn home on a schedule that lines up with your needs. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy going to multiple doctor’s appointments, you can hire an in-home health aide to provide the level of care you need from the comfort of your home.  

Insurance & Payments

One of the most stressful aspects of having a loved one with special needs is the associated medical expenses. These costs can completely financially debilitate a family, and without proper financial planning or health insurance, you may spend many years worrying about paying medical bills. At Evergreen, we understand the stress of these expenses, and we would be happy to help you work with your insurance plan to create a care plan that works for you and your finances. In all respects, our goal is to ease the burden of care, and this includes the burden on your financial health.


Having a child with medical complexities can feel very isolating. Your family’s needs, schedule, and focus are not the same as most families. That being said, you are most certainly not alone. At Evergreen Home Healthcare, it is our great pride to connect families in the Northglenn area who are experiencing similar concerns with their loved ones. While every case will be different, it’s possible to find people who can empathize with your situation. Connecting with other people is key for managing stress, so we like to connect our patients with support groups and other resources in the area to help them cope. We can help you find the emotional, informational, and financial resources you need on both a local and national level. Visit our Resources page to start connecting today.  

Become a CNA

Home healthcare is a wonderful resource, but if your loved one is going to need care for a lifetime, you may be interested in different, longer-term solutions to their needs. Many people find that, through working with our in-home health aides to coordinate their loved one’s care, they find a calling to the profession as well. If you are an empathetic individual who loves helping others, while also driven by a desire to provide medical care to your loved one, you may consider becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) yourself. Once you undergo CNA training, you are qualified to handle many of your loved one’s day-to-day medical tasks, including catheter care, incontinence assistance, vital sign monitoring, IV and medication administration, and more. This reduces your need for in-home health care, and as an added bonus, you can expand your horizons into a new career. At Evergreen, we are always looking for caring and qualified individuals to join our team, so let us know if you’re interested in joining the Evergreen team.

If you happen to already be licensed, whether you are a CNA, RN, LPN, or occupational therapist, we may have a job for you! Visit our Employment page to keep an eye on our list of current job openings.