To qualify for IHSS, individuals must obtain a qualifying waiver through Health First Colorado (Medicaid). These waivers are given to individuals who demonstrate a need for either personal care, homemaker, or health maintenance services, including:

What services can IHSS provide?

IHSS can provide in-home services in three different areas:

Personal Care

Personal care refers to assistance with activities such as bathing and other hygiene needs, eating, and dressing.


Homemaker services include any type of assistance with household tasks that are necessary for health and wellbeing. These might include meal preparation, basic housekeeping, and laundry.

Health Maintenance

Health maintenance services generally require an in-home health aide, such as a CNA or Nursing, and involve any tasks needed to maintain health. This might include medication administration, specialized feeding, or transferring or positioning the patient.

How to Apply for In-Home Support Services

To apply for in-home support services, you will need to contact your Single Entry Point (SEP) agency. Once you receive your qualification waiver, contact Evergreen Home Healthcare! We are happy to provide in-home support services to residents of Fort Collins, Denver, and all along the Front Range, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more by reaching out today!