1. The Bond We Have with Our Children is Powerful

    My wife Adéye and I are very ordinary people.  When we got married in 1997, we both agreed to have from two to four children.  We had three boys biologically, and then God did something inside of us.  He gave us the desire to adopt seven children at different times from three different countries…Read More

  2. November 13th – Caregiver Appreciation Day

    Being a caregiver is no easy job to take on. Not only does it require you to spend a majority of your time prioritizing someone else, but it truly is a job that never slows down. On November 13th, we are given the chance to celebrate and appreciate the caregivers in our life. At Evergreen Home Healt…Read More

  3. How Can a Speech Therapist Help My Child?

    At Evergreen Home Healthcare, we are able to connect our clients with a variety of specialists to help their children with medical complexities. One such specialist is a speech therapist, also known as a speech pathologist or speech-language pathologist. Speech therapists offer a broad range of skil…Read More

  4. How to Talk to Your Senior Parent About Home Healthcare

    Watching your parent age can be overwhelming. All their life, they cared for you, so it can be quite emotional to realize that the roles have reversed. Now that your parent is a senior citizen, it’s time for you to observe closely for signs that they may need in-home healthcare. When you do, you m…Read More

  5. All About Multiple Sclerosis

    At Evergreen Home Healthcare, we work with individuals who have a variety of physical disabilities, including multiple sclerosis (MS). This condition is little understood by the public, and researchers still don’t fully understand MS. That being said, an MS diagnosis is far from a death sentence. …Read More

  6. How to Prevent Wandering in Alzheimer’s Patients

    An estimated 5.3 million Americans over 65 have Alzheimer’s disease. This means that many of our in-home healthcare patients in Fort Collins suffer from this type of dementia. People with Alzheimer’s disease experience a progressive decline in their memory and cognitive ability. This may initial…Read More

  7. Who Can Benefit from Home Healthcare?

    The quick and easy answer here is that anyone with ongoing healthcare concerns can potentially benefit from home healthcare services. If you’re knocked down with the flu, hiring a home health aide probably doesn’t make a ton of sense. However, if you have a special needs child at home who has we…Read More

  8. What Are Home Healthcare Services?

    We want the best for our loved ones; that’s just the nature of caring for others. Sometimes that means going out of our way to make a special meal or find the right school to provide your child the best education possible. As parents, guardians, family, and friends, we go to many lengths both big …Read More