At Evergreen Home Healthcare, we have found that our Family Member and Parent CNA Program creates a ripple effect. When a parent or family member has the skills necessary to provide medical care to their loved one, the empowerment they feel spreads to the whole family. 

We pride ourselves on bringing the most compassionate and caring CNAs onto our team. Any one of our nursing professionals will provide a high-level of pediatric home healthcare. That being said, it’s undeniable that parents and family members offer a level of care and attention to their loved ones that is unparalleled. Often, all they are missing is the skill set necessary for basic medical care. 

That’s why becoming a Family Member or Parent CNA is such a popular option among our clients. By learning these skills, our CNAs are able to attend to their loved one’s basic medical needs, all while receiving a salary that further helps the family provide the necessary care. 

From providing skilled feedings to assisting with skilled therapies to incontinence assistance, CNAs provide crucial healthcare for children with medical complexities. If you’re interested in becoming a Family Member or Parent CNA, we would love to hear from you. Contact the Evergreen Home Healthcare team today to learn more.